25 Mar 2021: HELLO Menopause!

Hello Menopause! Millions of women can have chronic insomnia that will last up to 10 years. Other symptoms include mental fog, joint pain, memory lapses, headaches, hot flashes, and mood swings. Women with menopause should not have to suffer. Relief is here! Hello Again will make you feel like yourself again.


30 Oct 2020: My Hello Again Story

Hi. My name is Krissy, I’m 38, I am post-menopausal, and I use cannabis to treat my symptoms. That’s how I start most of my introductions when meeting people. Kidding. But in all honestly, I have found that I am having more and more conversations with all the people in my life about my experience with menopause and how cannabis can be a natural, non-harmful way to find solutions.

09 Oct 2020: Memory & Menopause

People usually associate “memory” with implicit memory, which refers to past experiences and routines. For example, recalling song lyrics or a toast at your wedding would be drawing on your implicit memory.


26 Sep 2020: Menopause 101

You may be surprised to know that the medical profession considers menopause to be nothing more than the year anniversary of your last period.  Haven’t had a period for a year?  Congratulations, you are in menopause.
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23 Sep 2020: Combatting Vaginal Dryness

Rarely talked about but commonly experienced by many women: vaginal dryness. Discomfort surrounding the terms “moist”, “wet”, and “lube” have resulted in the silencing of any relevant discussion for decades - it’s about time we open the conversation about the causes, effects, and solutions to vaginal dryness.