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There is no biological test to either confirm or deny your nagging suspicion. The most clear indicator is for women over 50. One year since your last period? You are probably in menopause.

Can Suppositories Improve your Sex Life?


Can suppositories improve your sex life?Suppositories can be an efficient way to decrease pain, moisturize, lubricate and get you in the right mindset for sex. Too many women avoid sex because it is uncomfortable or painful. 

75% of women experience painful sex at some point, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

75% of Women! That is a crazy high number. This pain can come from vaginal dryness, endometriosis, pelvic floor dysfunction, cramps and inflammation.

Having a vibrant sex life is not only important for your relationships but it also physically and emotionally important. Did you know that there are many health benefits to sex?


As a delivery system, the suppository is efficient and consistent. Suppositories have been used for thousands of years to deliver medicine and can significantly decrease pain associated with sex. 

Never used or seen a suppository? Picture a bullet-shaped capsule, usually made of cocoa butter,  that is emulsified with medicine. As your internal body temperature melts the suppository, it dissolves and the medicine is absorbed  into the body. Suppositories can be used in either the rectum or vagina, depending on the contents and intended usage.  The effective ingredients  either treat the area where they are inserted, or are absorbed by the capillaries and blood vessels  into the bloodstream.  Many suppositories are also made with a cocoa butter base that is both moisturizing and lubricating. 


Cannabis for sex can potentially enhance relaxation and heighten sensory experiences, which some individuals find can lead to increased enjoyment of sexual activities. The vaginal walls are loaded with cannabinoid receptors, and cannabis-based CBDs take advantage of the local application of THC and CBD to provide quick relief from pain and inflammation related conditions.  CBD relaxes muscles which can help women with painful sex.  THC is a vasodialator, allowing for increased blood flow and, well, increased enjoyment during sex.  

CBD and THC-enhanced suppositories can help with pain relief, inflammation, and relaxation.   The combination of THC with CBD, however, produces an optimized experience that exceeds the singular effects of each.  This optimization is known as the entourage effect and is a strong argument for the inclusion of THC with CBD.   THC will not give you a typical head high when inserted vaginally like it would with an edible. Because cannabis-infused suppositories bypass the digestive tract, and therefore the liver, they do not provide the psychoactive high associated with cannabis. 



Hello Again vaginal suppositories are carefully formulated with specific cannabis ratios and carefully chosen botanicals to provide women with physical and emotional relief without a psychoactive high. We believe that when women feel their best, good things are much more likely to happen in the bedroom.


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