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Wait, cannabis?

During menopause, many systems can be knocked out of sync by the hormone fluctuations which accompany the last stages of fertility. Memory systems, cognitive systems, sleep systems, temperature regulation, libido, sexual function, mood balance and many more of the cornerstones of well-being are sitting ducks in the storm of hormone change.

When your body’s systems are out of balance or not functioning properly, your body’s own cannabinoid system comes to the rescue. A biological call goes out for your cells to produce endocannabinoids, which are cannabinoids made by your body. Endocannabinoids connect with your cell’s receptors with the biological goal for your systems to return to equilibrium and properly function.

Cannabinoids from cannabis closely mimic your own and are thus able to utilize your receptors. Supplementing endocannabinoids with cannabis can restore balance back to your systems.

How is Hello Again different from regulating my hormones?

Cannabis offers a different approach during hormone fluctuation. It is a natural remedy for menopause and other issues women face with their bodies and health.

Hormone regulation is the goal of prescribed pharmaceutical hormones or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).  This approach makes sense, however HRT is not without problems.  First, not everyone is a candidate (family histories of cancer or blood clots) or feels comfortable taking synthetic hormones.  Second, the hormone fluctuations during perimenopause (the running head start toward menopause that can last over 5 years) are severe and random.  So, ideal hormone balance is a constant moving target.

Cannabis offers a natural remedy and a different approach.  Instead of regulating hormone levels, the cannabinoids in cannabis meet your body’s cannabinoid receptors and thus strengthen your system’s ability to bounce back and function properly.  Cannabis provides reinforcements for your own endocannabinoid system in its quest to keep your body’s systems functioning despite the volatile surrounding condition.  In other words, instead of attempting to control the source of the problem, you can choose to strengthen your body’s resources.

Every woman and every body is different.   Choose the approach (or combination of the two) that works best for you.  Carrie uses Hello Again exclusively.  Patty takes hormones and uses our product.

OK, but why a vaginal suppository?

Anything ingested by mouth goes through the digestive system and is metabolized by the liver before entering the bloodstream.  We are all familiar with the varying effects imbibed caffeine and alcohol can have on individuals.  The same is true for cannabis.  A THC edible can have a wide range of effects on different consumers as body weight, metabolism speed, stomach contents and other factors can vastly influence how cannabinoids, especially the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, take effect.

Unlike an edible, a vaginal suppository bypasses the digestive tract and liver and depends only on body temperature to melt at a specific rate to be absorbed by the surrounding skin.  The female reproductive tract is full of cannabinoid receptors to receive and interact with cannabinoids while the blood vessels in the skin absorb the cannabinoids and botanicals.

Oh, and as a bonus, the vaginal suppository contains cocoa butter, avocado oil and vitamin E to moisturize, soothe and lubricate while apple cider vinegar maintains the natural pH balance of your vagina.

THC, doesn’t that get you high?

Hello Again wants you to feel healthy, not high. We also know that cannabis is best able to deliver the desired effects when CBD, THC, and specific plant terpenes and components work together. The vaginal delivery system allows for THC to participate in this synergy most fully with the local cannabinoid receptors (there are lots in the skin, and female reproductive tract). A vaginal delivery system does result in some absorption into the blood stream through the blood vessels and capillaries of the female reproductive tract, but significantly less reaches the bloodstream compared to oral ingestion — which may explain why women experience benefits without the high. Hello Again was specifically formulated to help you feel healthy. We want you to be able to get on with the business of your day.

How often should I use Hello Again?

You can use Hello Again Everyday, well, everyday. Hello Again, Sleep can also be used nightly. Some women use our products every day and night. Others find that semi-regular use keeps their systems in balance. You’ll find your rhythm and what works for you. Patty and Carrie will use Hello Again Everyday when they know they have a demanding day and want to be their best. Patty uses Hello Again Sleep every night. Carrie uses it every third night or so. There is no one right way to strengthen your V Force.

Does it leak?

In short, every V is different. Shape, strength, and ability to absorb vary from woman to woman. Use a panty liner (or bit of folded TP) when you first try Hello Again to see how it works for you. Our formulation was targeted to guard against leakage yet allow for a fast enough melt rate for efficacy. The majority of women report no leakage, but for ultimate insurance or strenuous activity (cardio trampoline class?) try a tampon. Hot summer swelters are different from winter days. You get the idea.

Where should I store my Hello Again?

Refrigeration shouldn’t be necessary unless you live in an area with extreme heat. If your vagitory does melt, a pop in the fridge will return it to a solid state, but the shape may show wrinkles and look less polished. Don’t be alarmed. Your V won’t care.

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