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Suppositories have long been an important means of delivering certain medicines while increasing efficacy, localizing its effects, and avoiding side effects associated with other routes of administration. However, now weed suppositories with THC, CBD and other botanicals can provide natural relief for women of all ages.

Hello Again Featured On Saturday Night Live?


Hello Again was featured on Saturday Night Live…well kind of. When Molly Shannon hosted, there was a silly and strange skit on a natural medicine for women over 40 that is inserted in your vagina.  Hmmm…sounds familiar. Could Saturday Night Live really be talking about THC and CBD vaginal suppositories?

The Skit

Molly Shannon, Molly Kearny and Ego Nwodim danced in a “Drug Commercial” promoting a new natural product called Vagerted. While the skit did not mention our product by name it  described a product very similar to our THC and CBD suppositories that help some of the same symptoms as our cannabis suppositories. “Vagerted” helps with hot flashes and  libido much like our menopause suppositories, Hello Again Everyday.

We loved Ego’s  comment that if this is a menopause product why can’t we just come out and say that helps with menopause. The Director comments, “We don’t want people to change the channel”. We know all too well the stigma surrounding menopause products. Menopause is a normal stage of a women’s health that happens to everyone, just like puberty. Luckily, menopause is being talked about more and more openly. Hopefully this fear of discussing menopause will disappear soon.

The commercial ends with Kenan Thompson referring to the product as Vagerted, Vagita, Vagina and Vajayjay. While there is nothing serious or real about this SNL skit, we love that they were acknowledging the existence of a suppository like Hello Again. We want women to know that they do not have to suffer from the symptoms of menopause. There are natural solutions for menopause that can help them manage their symptoms.

To learn more about our products or how THC and CBD suppositories work, visit our blog. Then, make sure to check out our THC and CBD vaginal suppositories so you can feel like yourself again.

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