What's so funny

06 Apr 2021: What’s so funny?

Laughter makes your feel better and is even good for your health! Did you know that laughter reduces stress, stimulates your organs, soothes tension, boosts immunity, relieves pain and improves your mood? At Hello Again, you have to have a sense of humor. We asked our team for some of their favorite sources of laughter. Let’s all take a moment to laugh……at the erroneous, the exasperating and the just plain funny.


05 Apr 2021: Amy Poehler is GYNOMITE!

Amy Poehler has been making us laugh since her 2001 debut on Saturday Night Live. There her countless characters made us laugh, made us think, and made us wish we had Amy as a real-life friend. We love the silliness of hyperactive Kaitlyn, the earnest self-confidence of Amy’s Hillary Clinton, and the searing wit of Amy’s Weekend Update anchor.