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Linda Zhang's accomplishments in the male-dominated car engineering industry are GYNOMITE!

Linda Zhang is GYNOMITE!


Linda  Zhang’s accomplishments in the male-dominated car engineering industry are GYNOMITE!   Linda, a Chinese immigrant, became an engineer and joined The Ford Motor Company at 19 years old while also attending the University of Michigan to earn her BA in Electrical Engineering and eventually Master’s degrees in both Computer Science and Business Administration. Linda rose up the ranks at Ford to become Nameplate Engineer for the Ford F-150, America’s best-selling vehicle. 

In 2018, Linda began work on the all-electric Lightning, the first all-electric truck from Dearborn, Michigan.  Although Lightening is making headlines for it’s 563 horsepower and 300 mile range, it’s the low center of gravity and specific weight distribution that makes it the best handling and fastest F-150 ever.  This is a real-deal pickup truck made possible by Linda Zhang’s leadership and expertise.  Another GYNOMITE contribution from the V-Force!


by Carrie Mapes

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