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[…] Created by Sex & The City’s Darren Star, Emily in Paris is light and fun…and we have to love anything that includes references vaginal suppositories. […]

[…] on track. When cannabinoids (CBD and THC) are applied directly to your vagina using a cream or a vaginal suppository, they encourage blood flow right to the vaginal tissues. Additionally, cannabis can relax muscles […]

[…] Happy Global Menopause month, everybody! We are a menopause solution. We are a cannabis-based, vaginal suppository that has targeted the major symptoms of menopause. Now, menopause is not a disease, so technically […]

[…] have made it possible for women to find relief in this difficult time. By creating a THC-infused vaginal suppository, they are offering women a natural way to say goodbye to mental fog and Hello Again to comfort. To […]

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